LT says “I’m not coming back”

The San Diego Union Tribune reported in an interview with LT today his playing days with the Chargers are over.  As reported by SDUT Tomlinson said, “I don’t believe I’ll be back in San Diego.  I’ve accepted it”

In March of last year, the Chargers restructured LT’s contract and resigned him through 2011.   LT’s lack of performance on the field in the 2009 season forces the Chargers and LT to come to a difficult decision.  For the first time in his 9 year career with the Bolts,  Tomlinson ran for less than 1000 yards.  Some of the blame for that can fall on the fact he was injured in the 1st game of the ’09 regular season against the Raiders on MNF, missing games in weeks 2 and 3.  The O-line was patched up.  Also, the team’s offensive philosophy was driven primarily by their strength, the passing game.  LT didn’t have one game where he rushed for over 100 yards this season.

But the fact remains, LT’s yards per carry in the ’09 regular season was a paltry 3.3 ypc.  That’s a full yard less than his career avg of 4.3 ypc and 2 yards below his peak of 5.3 ypc in 2003.

more photos of LT at Qualcomm Stadium.

Any genuine Chargers fan will continue to admire and respect LT for what he’s accomplished with the Bolts and for the city of San Diego.  LT was the franchise’s most valuable building block recovering from a disastrous 1-15 season in 2000 making the Chargers 5-time AFC West title champions during his career in SD.

Future HOF’er Ladainian Tomlinson’s achievements over the last 9 seasons will be remembered for years to come.  I”m proud to have witnessed some of his greatest moments as a season ticket holder during his run in SD.  He will be sorely missed.

Sundays will not be the same at Qualcomm Stadium.  Best of luck to you LT!


Chargers save their worst for last

Another golden opportunity wasted.  This team did just about everything wrong after a bye week and plenty of time to prepare.  Penalties, turnovers, missed FG attempts, missed tackles, unsportsmanlike conduct?  really??

The Bolts picked a bad time to have their worst performance of the season.  The Jets deserve to move on.  They stuck to their game plan and the Chargers gave them every opportunity to stay in the game.

In what may be LT’s last game in SD, I really didn’t expect Norv to try and run him up the middle as many times as he did.  Our running game is just not effective at all, hasn’t been all year.  Why try to pound the ball up the middle against the best defense in the league? LT had 12 rushes for 24 yards.  ugh

LT dejected in his post-game interview and wouldn’t answer any questions about coming back next year.  He’s been the face of the Chargers for the last 9 seasons.  It’s painful to watch.  Every Charger player and fan was expecting this to be the year for a Charger Super bowl betting appearance and possibly a championship.

Charger fans did not see this coming.  The Chargers rolled into the playoffs with an 11 game win streak a lot of momentum and confidence but  looked like they were playing a pre-season game that didn’t matter.

Enjoy the off-season Chargers.  And for the guys who made the pro-bowl, enjoy your trip to Miami where Kaeding will probably go a perfect 4-4 in FG attempts in a game that doesn’t count for anything.

Chargers host the Jets Sunday

The Jets came out of Cincy with a win against the Bungles. Carson Palmer looked terrible and Jets were able to do enough damage running the ball, minimizing Sanchez’ exposure late in the game.

On paper, the Bolts / Jets game looks to be a close one.  But, I expect the Chargers to put up a lead early forcing the Jets to get away from running the ball.  The Bolts opened as 7.5 point favorites at home.

The Chargers defense is hugely underestimated.  They have 35 sacks on the year compared to the Jets 32 and the Bolts are +8 in turnovers compared to NY’s +1.

Philip Rivers has been iceman in the pocket facing blitzes all year.  He has more passes for +20 yards than anyone in the league (64) with 28 TD’s and only 9 INT’s.  The Bolts just have too many weapons on offense to defend.  They are a defensive coordinator’s nightmare.

Sanchez is ranked 28th in passer rating (63.0) with 12 TD’s and 20 INT’s.  Force the Jets to trade TD’s with the Chargers and this could be a blowout.

This game could be LT’s last game in SD regardless of the outcome.   This is the healthiest he’s been leading into the playoffs for quite some time.  Let’s hope LT has a big game this Sunday.