VJax decides to holdout AJ say’s ok fine

After several months of jockeying around on both sides, the 1pm PST 9/22 deadline to trade Vincent Jackson before he must sit out 6 games instead of 4 has passed us by.  The Bolts offered VJax a $3.2m one-year offer which he couldn’t live with. Instead of taking the offer and trying to come to an agreement with the team on a long term deal, he decided to hit the couch.

Depending on who you talk to either AJ wanted too much in the trade or VJax’s agent was asking for too much $$$.  Some sources say, the Chargers turned down a 2nd round pick and a conditional pick for VJax.  I find this hard to believe.  If AJ passes on that and doesn’t sign VJax to another deal they basically get a compensatory 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft.

After the deal fell through, VJax’s reps started spewing “Archie Manning was right” and saying other GM’s were referring to our GM AJ Smith the “Lord of no Rings”.

AJ has put together a competitive roster year after year during his tenure in San Diego.  The team has under achieved in the post season.  Only 6 other teams have won SuperBowl Championships during AJ’s tenure.  What does that say about the other 25 GM’s?  I wonder if Archie is happy with the Giants O-line these days?  This is the same O-line that saw him get crushed and fall to his knees with blood pouring from his dome.   The same line that gave up 4 sacks last Sunday Night to the Colts.

Vincent Jackson is such a talent but his off field behavior has to be factored into a long term deal.  He has two (2) DUI’s and was busted driving on a suspended license on his way to Qualcomm the day of the Jet’s playoff game.  He had to track down Rivers to come pick his sorry ass up.  He was lucky not to be arrested and miss the game entirely.

VJax has just learned a difficult lesson, don’t fuck with AJ.  His agent did a poor job of mentoring him through this process and now it looks like he’ll never suit up as a Bolt again.  Instead, he’ll be riding the couch the season.

Well played kid.  I think the Chargers will be just fine.


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