Here we go again

The Bolts had the entire off season, training camp and the pre-season to exorcize their demons from last year’s season ending playoff debacle against the Jets.  We heard promises about this year being different.  The Chargers would get off to a fast start in 2010 instead of digging themselves a hole in September.  Under Norv’s watch, the Bolts started 1-3 in ’07 and 2-3 in ’08 and ’09.   Each year, we still managed to make it to the post-season.

Our team leader and captain Philip Rivers drove around for months with a sticker on the back of his minivan with the final score of the Jets game to help his teammates remember that painful day at Qualcomm last January.

Just like last year, we opened the regular season on the road against a division rival on Monday Night Football.  Last year’s opener against the Raiders required late game heroics by Rivers and left enough guys on stretchers to appear they just survived a train wreck.

The good news is we walked away from this year’s MNF train wreck without any major injuries.  The bad news is Rivers couldn’t pull off another heroic comeback, 21-14 Chiefs.  Thanks for playing.

Wait what?

That’s right Charger fans, the Bolts have short-term memory loss and doomed to repeat history.  It’s like that recurring nightmare.

The Chargers home opener this Sunday against the Jags looks to be blacked out locally.  They still have 8000 Charger tickets which need to be sold by 1pm Thursday.


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