Chargers save their worst for last

Another golden opportunity wasted.  This team did just about everything wrong after a bye week and plenty of time to prepare.  Penalties, turnovers, missed FG attempts, missed tackles, unsportsmanlike conduct?  really??

The Bolts picked a bad time to have their worst performance of the season.  The Jets deserve to move on.  They stuck to their game plan and the Chargers gave them every opportunity to stay in the game.

In what may be LT’s last game in SD, I really didn’t expect Norv to try and run him up the middle as many times as he did.  Our running game is just not effective at all, hasn’t been all year.  Why try to pound the ball up the middle against the best defense in the league? LT had 12 rushes for 24 yards.  ugh

LT dejected in his post-game interview and wouldn’t answer any questions about coming back next year.  He’s been the face of the Chargers for the last 9 seasons.  It’s painful to watch.  Every Charger player and fan was expecting this to be the year for a Charger Super bowl betting appearance and possibly a championship.

Charger fans did not see this coming.  The Chargers rolled into the playoffs with an 11 game win streak a lot of momentum and confidence but  looked like they were playing a pre-season game that didn’t matter.

Enjoy the off-season Chargers.  And for the guys who made the pro-bowl, enjoy your trip to Miami where Kaeding will probably go a perfect 4-4 in FG attempts in a game that doesn’t count for anything.


One Response

  1. What a terrible way to end a great season. I had hoped you guys would score early and make the Jets throw the ball. Instead, you guys played right into their game plan.
    Bummer. Better luck next year.

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