Chargers win 7th straight 30-23 vs CLE

The Missus and I were in Cleveland visiting family and  attended Sunday’s game vs the Browns. It was a clear day but 33 degrees with the temp dropping quickly.  Midway thru the 1st quarter it was down to 28 degrees and hit the low 20’s by the end of the game.


Cleveland scored a TD on their 1st drive of the game.  Their first TD scoring drive to start a game in their last 34 contests.

The Chargers went on to score 27 straight points.  Cleveland made it interesting scoring 16 points in the 4th quarter but the Bolts were able to claim possession of the ball on their second consecutive onside kick recovered by LT.

Before the game we were well aware of LT”s opportunity to pass Jim Brown with at least 56 yards placing him 8th on the NFL all-time rushing list.

Midway thru the 4th quarter LT did just that with an 11 yard  burst up the middle.  He pounded his heart and pointed to Jim Brown saluting him in his suite.  Jim Brown was waiting in the San Diego locker room after the game to congratulate LT.

Later LT said “I’ve thought a long time about this day. If I was going to pass Jim, I wanted to do it here in Cleveland, and I wanted to talk to him in the locker room after the game.” (reported by AP Writer Tim Withers)

Unless I somehow missed it, there was no mention on the scoreboard about LT passing Jim Brown.  I wasn’t even sure he did until I got back and checked the box score. Still, I’m glad we were there for it. LT finished the day with 64 yards on 20 carries and a TD.

Highlights from the game.


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