3rd Quarter from hell


Yesterday’s game started off as i had hoped.  We get the ball on the 1st possession of the game and drive it down the field with authority for a touchdown.  Vincent Jackson made a tremendous catch in the end zone for our 1st score. 

Unfortunately, our special teams let us down by allowing the ensuing kickoff to be returned by Santonio Holmes for a TD.  So much for quieting the crowd.

The key to the game was mistakes on special teams and our defense’s inability to stop the run.  Once Pittsburgh was able to run the ball successfully, they opened up their passing game. 

But, the 3rd quarter of this game is what really did us in.  Our offense touched the ball one time.  The Steelers drove the ball down the field on the opening possession of the 2nd half for a TD pass to Heath Miller. 

Darren Sproles returned the ensuing kick 63 yds.  Unfortunately for us, Rivers pass on 1st and 10 was tipped and intercepted by the Steelers.  Pittsburgh wasn’t able to get much going on that drive but fortunately for them, their punt landed on Eric Weddle’s head and Pittsburgh recovered.   They were unable to get any points off that turnover after going for it on 4th and 1 at our goal line. 

There were times our defense really stepped up.  But throughout the game they missed tackles and were unable to put enough pressure on Big Ben. 

Although, i’m extremely disappointed with our performance in this game, i’m happy they were able to turn the season around after starting 4-8 and win a post-season game at home. 

The 2008 Charger season was exciting and the team demonstrated they don’t quit easy.  Next year, we’ll have Shawne Merriman and LT back healthy and hopefully, they’ll give Sproles the money he needs to stick around.  He is a big playmaker for the this team and I hope to see him in a Charger uniform next year.


Rock 105.3 has Charger Press Conf Transcripts posted

Rock 105.3 is the local FM San Diego radio station that broadcasts Charger football games.  You can stream their show online.  I listen to them most days while i play online poker


Late yesterday, they posted the transcripts from this week’s Charger press conference with Norv Turner, Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, Marcus McNeill.

Some questions that came up included preparing to play against a 4-3 defense instead of a 3-4, reaction to Vincent Jackson’s recent arrest for DUI and Darren Sproles on the cover of SI.  Are they doing anything special to prep for the cold weather and how it will affect their game plan, LT and Gates’ status for the game. 

I’m considering live-blogging the game on Sunday from a local sports bar.  It will be a gametime decision.

Bolts own Colts (again!)

peyton-manning-owndWhat a game!  For the second year in a row, we knock the Colts out of the playoffs.  But, it’s never easy.

Pics from the Bolts / Colts playoff game.

We got to the stadium a few hours before kickoff to meet up with some friends and were directed by another season ticket holder who sits behind us to a kick ass tailgate party (see pics).  Free booze, chicken tacos, carne asada and even sushi.  We were off to a good start. 

 Then we witnessed a tremendous come from behind win in OT.  By the end of the game, my voice was gone and i was ready to celebrate.  The stadium was blowing up and Colts fans were leaving the stadium with a scour on their faces.  I know the feeling too well.  gg Colts

None of the talking heads gave us a chance to win this game.  They were all riding Manning’s nuts after the Colts won their last 9 straight games and Peyton picked up his 3rd NFL MVP award while the Chargers squeeked into the playoffs on the last game of the regular season pouncing the donkeys which btw cost Shanahan his job.

none of that mattered last night

We gifted the Colts D a couple of red zone turnovers and Manning caught our defense asleep on a 72 yard touchdown pass midway through the 3rd quarter.  But again the Chargers demonstrated their determination and overcame all that, keeping the game close.  Our defense stepped up big time shutting down the Colts on their final drive of regulation sacking Peyton on the 1 yard line giving us great field position to drive the ball down to tie the game and force OT. 

Then we win the flip and move the ball downfield with Sproles scoring the winning TD in overtime.  Peyton never touched the ball again.

That’s how you win playoff games in OT, win the coin flip.  Video highlights from the game.

We’re off to Pittsburgh to avenge our regular season defeat.  If we can get past the Terrible Tools and the Ravens can beat the Titans, we’ll be back at Qualcomm Stadium for the AFC Championship. 

Stranger things have happened.