Broncos go 3 and out

afc-west-champs-20081Denver blew a 3 game lead with 3 games to go after tonight’s 52-21 ass whomping delivered by the Bolts at Qualcomm.  It’s the first time a team has missed the post-season after having a 3 game lead with 3 to go since division play began back in 1967.   Congrats on that fine achievement Denver! 

It’s also the first time a team has started the season 4-8 and made the playoffs.  I’ll take it. 

LT lit it up tonight with 3 TD’s and 96 yards on the ground.  Sproles rushed for 115 yards and also picked up a TD.  Hester even ran in a TD.  Successfully running the ball against Indy next week will be key. 

The Bolts 8-8 record is a bit misleading.  They lost 4 games with less than 30 seconds left on the clock.   They could easily be 10-6 or better.    They’re also running very hot heading into the playoffs scoring an avg of 37 points a game in their last 4 games while only giving up 18 ppg to their opponents during the same span.  Rivers finishes the regular season with the highest QB rating throwing for over 4000 yards with 34 TDS and only 11 INT’s.


The Colts head back to SD and are also running hot winning their last 9 games finishing the regular season with a 12-4 record.  But, it took Indy a last second field goal to beat SD back in wk 12.  The Bolts knocked the Colts out of the post-season last year in Indianapolis.

We’re anxiously anticipating another trip to the playoffs and hopefully a run toward another AFC Championship game.  Here are some pics from the Chargers / Denver game.  The crowd was loud and never let up.  The atmosphere was that of a playoff game.  Win or go home. 

Next week, we do it all over again.


the Bolts are still kickin’

darren-sproles1We’re in Charlotte, NC visiting my wife’s family for the holiday and had to trek over to a local sports bar to watch the Charger / Tampa Bay game. 

The Chargers have not done well traveling east losing to Miami, Buffalo, New Orleans (at London) and Pittsburgh this season. 

But, they put all that behind them and came out to fight for their post season lives scoring 41 points against Tampa in their own backyard. 

Later the Bills overcame a 13-0 deficit in Denver to win 30-23 putting the donkeys in a tough spot next week.  

The Chargers are looking like a team that belongs in the post-season after winning their last 3 games.  Philip Rivers threw 4 TD’s today and 287 yards without a turnover.  Gates snapped up two TD catches today with Darren Sproles making a catch and rumbling 32 yards for a TD with 7  mins left in the 4th quarter to give the Bolts a 10 point lead.  On the following drive, Jeff Garcia threw a pass that was bobbled and picked off by Cason which he ran in for the final score locking up the win for SD. 

We came back to the inlaws house to follow the Denver game online at, the Minn / Atlanta game was being televised locally.  Buffalo gave the Bolts life after beating Denver on the road.  With the exception of donkey fans, is there anyone else out there who wants to see Denver in the playoffs?  They squandered a 3 game lead for the division title and find themselves backed into a corner.

Next week we host the Donkeys at Qualcomm Stadium with the winner taking the AFC West title and hosting a playoff game.  What a turnaround for the Bolts who have overcome some bad breaks throughout the season to give themselves another shot at the playoffs.

GOooooooooooo Bolts !

if only we played the Raiders every week

for the 11th straight time, we put the hurt to Oakland.  the team played like it was 2007 all over again, causing turnovers on defense, scoring in the red zone even throwing downfield.  where has this been all year? 

well it is the Raiders


No pics this week, I was unable to make it to last night’s game.  The Chargers visit KC next Sunday.   Our last home game is 12/28 vs the Donkeys.  I’ll definitely be at that game even if we’re eliminated from playoff contention.

gg 2008 San Diego Chargers


at first glance, the score from yesterday’s game will be a bit misleading.  the falcons won 22-16.  we got every opportunity and break to finish the day with a win and couldn’t.  once again, the offense could not get it done in the 2nd half.  part of the problem is our defense was just on the field way too long.  we only had the ball for one drive in the 3rd quarter (3 and out).  we got a questionable call go our way (one time!) on a reception fumbled and returned for a TD.  that was our only TD of the 2nd half.   Kaeding missed another field goal and we gave up another safety.  those 5 points weren’t the difference in the game but, it takes away from a team’s momentum. 

LT just doesn’t look 100%.  he hasn’t the entire season.  letting Michael Turner go was a huge mistake.  LT might only have a couple years left in him.  Sproles and Hester are fun to watch but, they’re not gonna carry a team on their back.

the defense made another big goal line stand that kept the Bolts in the game but when you’re only getting 4 opportunities on offense to get it done in the 2nd half, you have to make the most of those chances.  we got the ball with 2:46 left in the game down by less than a TD and went 3 and out. 

there are so many things/people i could sit here and criticize about but, the team as a whole is just not playing well.  we look like a 4-8 team that doesn’t belong in the playoffs. 

blame injuries, blame Norv, blame AJ Smith, blame the player’s ineffectiveness.  the cheerleaders are about the only thing to look forward to in the remaining two home games.  it takes a lot of tits and $8.50 beers to forget about the missed opportunities and underachieving 2008 San Diego Chargers.

pics from yesterday’s Chargers / Falcons game.