Where’s the Chargers 2008 Season Headed?


The Bolts blow another game giving up a last second field goal to the Colts.  This was after the Denver Donkeys lost at home to the Raiders giving us a shot to get within one game of 1st in the AFC West.  We remain 2 games back with Denver having the tiebreaker after beating us with Hochuli’s help back in Sept. 

We left Qualcomm after last night’s game disgusted and disappointed.  A River’s turnover cost us TD and the defense couldn’t hold off the Colts on the last drive of the game to force OT. 

Winning teams don’t give away games in the final seconds.  The Bolts have found a way to lose 4 games this season with less than a total of 30 secs left on the clock.  Instead of being 8-3 to this point, we’re sitting at 4-7.  The sick part is we still have a shot to win the AFC West and host a home playoff game only because the Donkeys are so terribly bad. 

Here’s a photo dump from last night’s Bolts vs. Colts game.


One Response

  1. There’s enough blame to go all around, but when you lose that many close games, don’t you have to start blaming the coach?

    Nice pics, by the way.

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