“there’s the door…”

what team has scored the most points in the NFL on offense with only the pitiful Lions and Niners giving up more on Defense?

gg Ted Cottrell

Luckily being in the sorry ass AFC Worst, we’ve still got a shot at 1st and a trip to the post season in ’08 but they’ve gotta turn things around now.  This was inevitable. 

Our next opponent is KC at Qualcomm.  If those guys put up 30 points….


Bolts jet to London with 3-4 record

The Bills D put alot of pressure on Rivers forcing an INT and two fumbles.  Rivers’ INT late in the 4th quarter with just over 3 mins left at 1st and goal with the Bills leading 20-14 was the back breaker.  Philip was eyeballing Gates in the end zone the entire play.  When he finally let the pass go, the Bill’s LB Mitchell was waiting their to jump in front of Gates to make the play.  Smart play on his part, bad play on Rivers’. 

Now the team travels to the UK to take on Drew Brees and the Saints at Wembley Stadium.  The Saints will be without Reggie Bush.  I expect this one to be high scoring since neither team can defend the pass very well and both QB’s love to throw the football.

Patsies can’t get it done without Brady

But Brady doesn’t play CB and that’s where they needed the most help.  Philip Rivers and the Bolts receivers lit up Deltha O’Neal for two touchdown catches in the first half. 

The Patsies answered with a field goal (pfft) midway through the 2nd quarter for their only points until a gimme TD in the 4th quarter. 

The Chargers needed this win bad and they came out with alot of energy.  It was especially encouraging to see Norv open up the playbook and throw it down field early and often. 

The defense came up BIG in the 3rd quarter with a goal line stand.  The Patsies had the ball1st and goal at the Chargers one yard line and couldn’t punch it in after 4 tries.  This was followed by a 98-yard four play drive ending with a TD pass to Gates to put us up 24-3.  That 14 point swing was the back breaker for the Patsies. 

This is the kind of performance the fans have been expecting this year and to see them dominate last year’s 18-1(Giant Loss) team in our house televised on National TV was just spectacular.

Patsies vs Bolts on Sunday Night Football

This is a game we’ve been looking forward to since the AFC Championship.  It might even explain the letdown against Miami last week.  Rivers has not looked very good in his last two starts.  But, the last time he faced the Patsies he gutted it out with a banged up knee and almost lead us through New England to the SuperBowl. 

The Patsies have knocked us out of the post season two years in a row.  I hate to say it this early in the season but, this game will tell us if the Chargers will go anywhere this year.  If we can’t beat a Brady-less Patsies at home, we probably aren’t going far this season.

thoughts on the Miami game






We’re in Miami bitch!

The Bolts head to Miami as 6.5 point favorites to gut the fish.  I expect Rivers to bounce back and have a BIG game.  Gates and Chambers will light up Miami’s D.