it was fugly but we’ll take it

[x] Rivers throw two ints

[x] Rivers fumbles the ball in the end zone for a safety

[x] Kaeding misses two field goal attempts

[x] Chargers offense shutout in the 1st half

[x] Bolts get the WIN !

It wasn’t pretty but, our guys made some big plays in the second half and steal a win in Chokeland to even our regular season record to 2-2.  we’re only one game back of the division leading Donkeys who lost to KC

the state of Ohio finally got a win.  but, only cuz they didn’t tie.  the Brownies are the kings of OH. 


…and our buddy Hochuli blew another call this sunday.


Bolts put up a sexy ass “W” thanks to Brett the Jet

Brett demonstrated his uncanny ability to make donktastic passes and the Bolts luv him for it. 

Our D stepped it up to make some big plays and the game was a blowout as expected. 

thanks for your donation to our win column Brett!  Like the Broncos, we take charity.

The rejuvenated Bolts D face the Raiders in Oakland this Sunday.  The Bolts have owned Oakland the past several seasons.  Expect another blowout.

former cheesehead takes on the Bolts in SD on MNF

The last time the Bolts hosted the Green Men was the 2005 Wild Card Playoff when Chad Pennington drove down the field for the winning field goal in OT after Kaeding missed his own attempt at the end of regulation that would’ve sealed the win. 

This game means a lot to the Chargers.  The Jets ruined our 2004 season in our own backyard and the Bolts are 0-2 after getting robbed by the ref in Denver and a giving up a game winning TD pass in the last 2 secs against Carolina.

The game will be a blowout.  Rivers was on target and played extremely well in week 1 and 2.  the offense has no problem moving the football and scoring points even with the absence of last year’s backup Michael Turner who’s burning it up for ATL.  Even though Sproles is the shortest guy on the field, he’s good at blasting through holes and running back kickoffs. The biggest leak has been the Chargers defense.  But, Cromartie and crew feel the heat after giving up game winning passes at the end of the last two games lighting a fire under them to turn up the aggression.  Our defense will be hungry to make some big plays after the errors of the past couple of weeks. 

The Bolts are favored by 8.5 at home against the crusty ol’ Wrangler guy.

Hochuli gets the boot and Eagles top Cowboys

oh wait….my bad

Hochuli got his peepee slapped.  apparently he only got a B- after botching Sundays game costing the Bolts a victory and the Eagles DeSean Jackson is a bonehead.   They lose.

are you fuggin kidding me ?

Trailing 38-31, the Broncos (2-0) reached the Chargers’ 1 but on third-and-goal, Cutler reared back to throw and the ball slipped out of his hands, bounced off the grass and into linebacker Tim Dobbins’ hands.

But referee Ed Hochuli blew his whistle, apparently ruling it an incomplete pass. After a review, Hochuli said that the Broncos would keep the ball because his whistle had blown the play dead. The Broncos got the ball at the 10-yard line, where it had hit the grass out of Cutler’s hands.

Two plays later, Cutler hit Royal for the TD to make it 38-37.

Since when is the ball placed where it landed after an incomplete pass?  Hochuli blew this call and it cost the Chargers the game.  this should have been ruled (a fumble recovered by the Chargers) and the final score should read 38-31 Chargers.  the Bolts came back after being down 21-3 in Denver just to have the rug pulled out from under them

gg NFL refs


Philip Rivers threw two TD passes to pull us ahead of the Panthers in the 4th quarter. but, our defense let Delhomme thread the needle on this pass to Dante Rosario on the last play of the game. 

Qualcomm stadium was going off after the last TD pass was caught by Vincent Jackson and it looked like we were going to pull off the comeback but that last play by Delhomme, pump faking the defense then squeezing that pass between two defenders was brutal.  what a letdown. 

even though this is only week 1 and we’ve got a long way to go this loss was very disappointing.  especially, the way our offense played in the 2nd half.  Gates, Jackson and Chambers all had TD catches and LT ran for 97 yards. 

our defense was just giving up too many yards rushing to the right side of our line and they were also killing us with slant passes over the middle of the field. 

we need to get that fixed for next week’s game against Denver at Invesco.

Chargers open the 2008 NFL season at home vs Carolina

the Bolts finish the 2008 pre-season with a 3-1 record and are 9 point favorites at Qualcomm Stadium this Sunday.  the Chargers were 7-1 at home in 2007 with their only home loss coming against division rival KC Chiefs in week 4. 

Merriman decided to put off surgery on his knee.  while this might be an emotional lift to the Chargers and his presence on the field gives our defense the confidence to stop even the most potent offenses, i hope the decision doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass.  time will tell.

i’m looking forward to cracking open that first beer in the parking lot on the way to the game Sunday and the start of a new season.  anything less than a trip to the superbowl will be a huge disappointment.