Marc Bulger does a fine Jim “happy feet” Everett impersonation

the Bolts came up short in a struggle of defenses last Saturday against St. Louis.  Rivers, Gates and LT didn’t play.  Charlie Whitehurst overthrew a wide open receiver deep in the Rams side of the field at the end of the 4th quarter which would’ve given us the lead.  Our defense and special teams created turnovers and held Saint Louie to 7 points.  Unfortunately, we only put up 6 points after those turnovers. 

Next: Bolts take on the Sea Pigeons on ESPN MNF.


Bolts 31 – Brokeback Cowboys 17

It wasn’t even close.  LT and Gates didn’t suit up.  it was the Jacob Hester, Darren Sproles show.   The D and special teams played extremely well picking right up where they left off the ’07 season by forcing turnovers.  The Bolts only had 1 penalty the entire game. 

A shitload of Dallas fans “came out” for this game.  They were loud and jumping around like idiots after Dallas took a 7-0 lead.  Then it was like a library after the Bolts scored and piled on some points going into halftime with a 24-10 lead.  They never really got back in it and the Brokeback Cowboy fans on our side of the field were quiet little mice.  Thanks for comin’ out.

Next up, the Lambs in St. Louis Saturday 8/16.

Chargers kick off the ’08 pre-season @ hm 8/9 vs. Dallas

Football season is FINALLY here and we’re looking forward to the Bolts getting off to a fast start this year.  We started last season 1-3 and it looked to be a long year for us.  But, the Chargers got us all the way to the AFC Championship.  We weren’t able to get past the Patsies (with one arm tied behind our backs) who eventually folded like the french army to the G-Men in SuperBowl XL II. 

This has to be San Diego’s year.  Everything’s in place for us to be at the next level.  There are only two things that can stop us IMO, turnovers and injuries.  If Philip Rivers can take care of the ball and we can get through the season without any major injuries, we should be playing for an NFL Championship in Tampa next February. 

Some of our neighbors trekked down to SD Saturday for FanFest and snapped up an autograph of Tina’s favorite player, Linebacker Matt Wilhelm.  Take a wild guess what school he’s from. 

They got Matt to sign a football along with a couple of other players.  She was disappointed we didn’t go but was extremely happy when our neighbors gave her the football. 

I run goot.

Tina and I are looking forward to Saturday Night’s game against the Cowboys at Qualcomm.