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The Bolts end their 2010 season with a disappointing loss in Cincy

Effectively, the NFL season is over for Charger fans.  In a must win game to stay alive for another trip to the playoffs, the Bolts tripped over their dicks in Cincinnati. San Diego was unable to overcome another slow start to make it into the post-season.

From the first offensive play of a fumbled handoff by VJax, the game was clearly in control of the Bengals.  Carson Palmer picked apart our defense and looked more like Tom Brady.  The Bolts never recovered and another underachieving season is in the books.

This off season comes with a lot of unanswered questions.  AJ Smith has not had a good draft in recent years, Norv continues to lead the team to slow starts and several big name players are in the last year of their contracts.  A possible lockout, stadium issues and even a possible move to L.A. looms over the San Diego Chargers.

Another Chargers’ season ends with disappointment.

Another great day for Chargers’ Fantasy Football owners

…not so much for Bolts fans.

Philip Rivers – 431 yards passing, 2 TD’s

Malcom Floyd – 8 receptions for 213 yards and 1 TD

Antonio Gates – 5 catches for 92 yards and a TD

Special Teams – 2 blocked punts, one for a safety and one for a TD

Chargers lose to the Raiders 35-27

Wait what?

Turnovers were a big part of this nightmare, Rivers had two fumbles and Tolbert dropped one.  Two of those turnovers occurred in our opponent’s red zone with another returned for a TD with a minute left in regulation.

The Bolts have found another way to start the season 2-3 for the 4th straight year.  We keep hearing “these problems will be fixed”, same story different year.  It seems we have no shortage of excuses but no real solution.  Why should San Diego fans believe this post-season will be any different than recent years?

For Norv Turner and the Chargers, history keeps repeating itself. This coaching staff is much like a broken record, if it doesn’t fix itself it will get tossed.

VJax decides to holdout AJ say’s ok fine

After several months of jockeying around on both sides, the 1pm PST 9/22 deadline to trade Vincent Jackson before he must sit out 6 games instead of 4 has passed us by.  The Bolts offered VJax a $3.2m one-year offer which he couldn’t live with. Instead of taking the offer and trying to come to an agreement with the team on a long term deal, he decided to hit the couch.

Depending on who you talk to either AJ wanted too much in the trade or VJax’s agent was asking for too much $$$.  Some sources say, the Chargers turned down a 2nd round pick and a conditional pick for VJax.  I find this hard to believe.  If AJ passes on that and doesn’t sign VJax to another deal they basically get a compensatory 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft.

After the deal fell through, VJax’s reps started spewing “Archie Manning was right” and saying other GM’s were referring to our GM AJ Smith the “Lord of no Rings”.

AJ has put together a competitive roster year after year during his tenure in San Diego.  The team has under achieved in the post season.  Only 6 other teams have won SuperBowl Championships during AJ’s tenure.  What does that say about the other 25 GM’s?  I wonder if Archie is happy with the Giants O-line these days?  This is the same O-line that saw him get crushed and fall to his knees with blood pouring from his dome.   The same line that gave up 4 sacks last Sunday Night to the Colts.

Vincent Jackson is such a talent but his off field behavior has to be factored into a long term deal.  He has two (2) DUI’s and was busted driving on a suspended license on his way to Qualcomm the day of the Jet’s playoff game.  He had to track down Rivers to come pick his sorry ass up.  He was lucky not to be arrested and miss the game entirely.

VJax has just learned a difficult lesson, don’t fuck with AJ.  His agent did a poor job of mentoring him through this process and now it looks like he’ll never suit up as a Bolt again.  Instead, he’ll be riding the couch the season.

Well played kid.  I think the Chargers will be just fine.

Here we go again

The Bolts had the entire off season, training camp and the pre-season to exorcize their demons from last year’s season ending playoff debacle against the Jets.  We heard promises about this year being different.  The Chargers would get off to a fast start in 2010 instead of digging themselves a hole in September.  Under Norv’s watch, the Bolts started 1-3 in ’07 and 2-3 in ’08 and ’09.   Each year, we still managed to make it to the post-season.

Our team leader and captain Philip Rivers drove around for months with a sticker on the back of his minivan with the final score of the Jets game to help his teammates remember that painful day at Qualcomm last January.

Just like last year, we opened the regular season on the road against a division rival on Monday Night Football.  Last year’s opener against the Raiders required late game heroics by Rivers and left enough guys on stretchers to appear they just survived a train wreck.

The good news is we walked away from this year’s MNF train wreck without any major injuries.  The bad news is Rivers couldn’t pull off another heroic comeback, 21-14 Chiefs.  Thanks for playing.

Wait what?

That’s right Charger fans, the Bolts have short-term memory loss and doomed to repeat history.  It’s like that recurring nightmare.

The Chargers home opener this Sunday against the Jags looks to be blacked out locally.  They still have 8000 Charger tickets which need to be sold by 1pm Thursday.

My loss is your gain

I’ve been a Chargers Season Ticket holder since our worst season ever, 2000.  When my tickets arrived in the mail this year, it was bittersweet.

I haven’t missed an opening day game at the Q in the last 10 years.  That’s about to change.  I relocated to the East Coast this summer to Florida and sentimentally kept my Chargers Season Tickets for one more year.  My plan is to fly back for a few regular season games and sell the rest of the tickets.  If I can at least break-even or find a partner, I’ll continue to keep my seats.

My hope is that I can sell my seats to Charger backers instead of random Qualcomm visitors rooting for visiting teams.  My seats are located at the 35-40 yard line on the field level behind the visiting team’s bench, Section F7, Row 14, Seats 17-18 on the aisle.  Chargers single game tickets go on sale Saturday @ 10am PST July 31st.

These are the games I’m unable to attend and currently available at this time:

Jaguars vs Chargers @ Qualcomm Sun 9/19 1:15 PST (SOLD!)

Cardinals vs Chargers @ Qualcomm Sun 10/03 1:15 PST (SOLD!)

Titans vs Chargers @ Qualcomm Sun 10/31 1:05 PST (SOLD!)

Raiders vs Chargers @ Qualcomm Sun 12/05 1:05 PST (SOLD!)

Chiefs vs Chargers @ Qualcomm Sun 12/12 1:15 PST (SOLD!)

49’ers vs Chargers @ Qualcomm Thu 12/16 5:20 PST (SOLD!)

If you’re interested any purchasing 2 seats to any of these games at face value ($198 total), please send an email to me:

Chargers 2010 FanFest Saturday August 7th

The San Diego Chargers will host FanFest at Qualcomm Stadium Saturday August 7th from 10am-1pm.  Charger girls will be on hand and players will be signing autographs for fans 14 and under starting at 10:15am before  practice.

Mark your calendar for Chargers FanFest, it’s FREE.  Make your way down to the Q and meet your favorite San Diego Charger.